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Action/Gangster/Drama - A Theatrical Feature Film


Soldati Movie Poster

1930's Chicago, Capone and prohibition, the underworld is more powerful than ever.  It's a time when a man with enough determination, discipline and ruthless ferocity could become powerful beyond his wildest imagination. Soldati, tells the epic story of the first Asian American gang boss, Jason Lee, who applied his brand of determination to achieving the American dream. Sprawling and epic, spanning three decades, the story will be the first ever undertaken on this seminal figure, and will be of significant and important interest to the Far- Eastern market.   The project is co-written by renowned writer/director and Korean filmmaker, and director Jesse V. Johnson. Johnson's latest project Charlie Valentine (Lionsgate 2010) was a multiple award winning feature (35 festivals, 22 nominations, 17 outright wins) about an aging gangster in present day Chicago.


English with some Korean and Chinese


100 minutes 

Shooting Locations:

Detroit, Michigan USA

Production Company:

Tri-M Pictures

Gran Torino Art Work

Tri-M Pictures in partnership with S3 Entertainment Group. S3 Entertainment Group is the leading production company and service provider in Michigan and Los Angeles. S3 has provided production services to Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood) as well as many other productions including The Irishman, Little Murder and executive produced 13 episodes of the television series The Wannabes.


Currently in pre-production.

Release Date:

Summer 2013

Production Budget:

US$10 million

Post Production:

Warner Bros. MPI studio

Production Time:

8 months - scheduled for completion (pre-production, principle photography, post-production).

Theatrical Distribution:

Theatrical Distribution (in up to 1,500 theaters) Developed marketing plans that leverage traditional and new media outlets, thereby promoting and exploiting all potential revenue channels.