Internet Extortion Scam

Ed Magedson - "The Real Rip-Off Report, extortionist who are attempting to extort money from YOU by posting false negative information." Ed Magedson a Wanted Criminal...

According to, Founder of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity.

Ed Magedson, Founder of "The Real Rip-Off Report, extortionist.." Ed Magedson operates his illegal extortion scam under the guise of "consumer advocacy" sites - to force innocent companies into paying him to take down his dirty posts. Currently 28 Attorney Generals and 17 Federal Prosecutors throughout the U.S. are pursuing Ed Magedson and the rip off report. Known to draft court service notices since 1992 (long before he started this extortion operation), rewards of up to $50,000 have been offered for his whereabouts. If you do a key word search under "Ed Magedson" you will see his shady past. No residence under his name. Drivers license is not valid. He does not have any utilities under his name. Many outstanding judgements against him. Currently in hiding.

Mugshot of Ed Magedson

"There isn't much known about Ed's early life or how he got started into the world of becoming a con, although his criminal record shows the true character behind"

"Ed Magedson is apparently a WANTED criminal. FUGITIVE by the FBI and also allegedly facing numerous. Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits from numerous ..." For more detailed information go to:

The fake complaint about Tri-M Pictures and its managing member was likely perpetrated by a competitive unprofessional low-achiever with poison of hatred and jealousy. Because he could not compete at a fair business level. So he decided to slander the legitimate company and its managing member cowardly and anonymously on the internet. Think! "If the defamatory statement was legitimate, the person would have posted their name."

The Bible says that man is made in the image of God,
then we would do well to remember that
"the Lord is a warrior, the Lord is his name" (Ex. 15:3).
God is a warrior, man is a warrior.

To lawless defamer: If your statement is legitimate, declare your name and address and your profession like a man and face your opponent like a warrior. A warrior faces his opponent. A coward hides behinds his lies. No more lies.

Freedom of speech is not liberty to lie, defame, or slander someone. Freedom would be meaningless unless we are morally responsible for everything we do.

There is no road to success except first, inspiration and second, perspiration (hard work). We're working with legitimate and upstanding company and individuals who have demonstrated proven track record of success in their line of business. Our credentials and vast experience speak for themselves. You will be able to find ample evidence to verify this.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, was America's greatest philosopher and one of the greatest
thinkers of all time, said "It is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself."

Conclusion: This internet scammer with thick face and black heart is attempting to extort money from us by posting false and fraudulent complaints, even though there is no author. This is a fraud utilizing the flaws in the internet system. This is an Extortion Scam by a con man and his associates.

Warning: Tri-M Pictures wish to warn individuals such as disgruntled associates or competitor type of businesses, seeking to harm Tri-M Pictures and or its managing member, and/or employees, and/or partners, by posting fraudulent defaming comments on Magedson's site; All the companies and individuals suing Magedson and his shady extortion business will eventually have access to information pertaining to the identity of the parties who posted the slandering, defaming comments. Including of course Magedson himself, his employees and partners. Such CRIMINALS will be sued to the full extent of the Law.

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(More business owners and companies’ testimonies of his "shake down," extortion and racketeering business.) and-his-racketeering-operation-called-Rip-Off-Reportcom

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